Ars Studio Avsenik is a creative audio-visual company with a vision of innovation, oriented at projects which combine dynamic images, sound and space into an applicable multimedia solution by the means of cutting edge audio-visual technologies.

The company is working on the development of innovative products, the realisation of creative projects in the field of multimedia, art and architecture, and on the advancement in digital arts. Our main categories of services are motion capture, 3D digital doubles, 3D portraits, 3D visualizations, 3D product animations, digital art and multimedia production.

So, what is our connection with the Avsenik brand and the legend of Oberkrain music, Slavko Avsenik himself?

In recent years the company's CEO and academic painter Martin Avsenik has been exploring new concepts in painting. It was a special challenge for him to create a portrait of his father Slavko Avsenik, as he considered him to be difficult to portray in terms of achieving resemblance. The portrait painting of Slavko Avsenik in classical oil technique has been completed in September 2019. It hangs on wall of the Avsenik Guesthouse and Restaurant, in Avsenik's hometown Begunje. The reproduction of this portrait on FineArt canvas is available for online purchase in Avsenik Collection.

The portrait later served as a base to create Slavko's 3D portrait which led to the making of Slavko Avsenik's fully animated, photorealistic and vocal 3D Digital Double. We are looking forward to the oportunity to present his 3D digital double as a hologram to the public in live event for the first time.

We also started working on a new project with Sašo Avsenik, Slavko's grandson, and 3D Slavko Avsenik in the main roles. Subscribe to our newsletters to be informed on time about project updates.


Do you have any questions about us and our products? Send us an email via info@arstudio-avsenik.shop.

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